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4 new affordable housing developments in Philippi approved

21 Aug 2019

While, according to StatsSA, retail sales in SA have increased somewhat recently, pressure remains on consumers' discretionary income. With shopping activity predicted to remain relatively muted this year, retail stores and centres across South Africa will continue to feel the pinch. "With...

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Buying property via on-line auction accelerates in SA

20 Aug 2019

Savvy property buyers in South Africa have taken to acquiring a home or commercial property through on-line auctions with great alacrity, says MC du Toit, CEO, Auctions & Sales for BidX1 South Africa. "Sellers also appreciate the immediacy of transactions via this method, as auction prop...

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How to capitalise on a lower interest rate

19 Aug 2019

With the interest rate having been lowered by 25 basis points, those paying off a bond can take advantage of this in a few ways. On 18 July, The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) announced that interest rates will be lowered by 25 basis points, dropping the prime lending rate to 10% and the repo ra...

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Ever-increasing trend towards sectional title living

14 Aug 2019

Today's fast-paced and busy lifestyle dictates that for many people, convenience is a key factor critical in decision-making when it comes to buying or renting a home. Coupled with a trend towards smaller living spaces which enjoy reduced monthly utilities and maintenance costs, or which are bett...

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